Recent R activity

December 10, 2013, updated November 28, 2016

In recent years, I've given a talk at LondonR on integrating R into a web-server; I've given several small talks at other R meetup groups in London; and since moving to Atlanta, I've given talks at the Data Science & Business Intelligence Society of Atlanta on survival analysis applied to customer attrition and on lattice plots.

I'm now doing all my blogging about statistics, R and associated technologies at

Here are some blog pieces that I've recently written on the R statistical programming language for Align Alytics:

Using Simulation to Determine Sample Sizes for a Study of Store Sales
If you roughly know the shape of the distribution from which you wish to sample, simulation can be a useful means of determining samples sizes.
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Drawing a Grid of Plots in R—Regression Lines, Loess Curves and More
A snippet of code I often use when exploring the relationship of variablss to a target variable.
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Seasonal Decomposition of Time Series by Loess—An Experiment
A simple experiment to see how well R's stl() function decomposes time-series data.
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Getting Started with Unit Testing in R
An introduction to unit testing in R using the RUnit package.
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