Statistical Analysis

I have a Master of Applied Statistics, a Postgraduate Certificate of Biostatistics and a BA with majors in pure mathematics and computer science. I have graduate statistician membership of the Royal Statistical Society.

I mostly work with R, Python and SQL. I have also worked with SAS, SPSS and Minitab. I increasingly present my work using D3.

My strong background in programming is my competitive advantage:

  • I am familiar with object-oriented programming, design patterns and unit testing. This allows me to write reliable, extendable code for data analysis.
  • My experience with SQL and relational databases aids me in dealing with large data sets.
  • I have worked for years with languages such as C, Java and PHP, with UNIX tools such as Sed and Awk, and with regular expressions. This advantages me in cleaning and processing data.

I blog about statistics at Eureka Statistics.